Sylvia Colucci | Youth Lifestyle Coach
I raise awareness for young women, providing a path to empowerment.

I help young women fulfill their potential and live authentically.

In a world of technoloigy and distraction, children are constantly in need of attention. Parents have a great responsibility to financially and emotionally support their children. When children become youth (ages 10-16) and begin developing as adults, the stakes increase, and it's hard to keep up.

Do you feel any of the below:

  • It's hard to stay current with your children today (social media apps, relationships, school etc.)
  • You are constantly reacting but wish you could be more proactive and responsive
  • You read stories about mental health and its impacts on youth today, and wonder about prevention
  • Your children don’t want to hear it from you
  • You say "yes" too much to your kids or their activities
A woman standing in front of a bowl of fruit.

I can help you

I coach young women as they transition from childhood to adulthood. Drawing from a variety of parenting and self-improvement resources, I teach skills that encourage young women to think and act in ways that honor their needs and make healthy choices. Together, we build a foundation for success during an important and influential time for your child.