Building a healthy foundation of body, mind and spirit for adulthood

Give your children the support they need to succeed in a complicated world…

  • We plan when our babies are born. We plan for our children’s education.
  • We don't have a play book for adolescents, yet we are faced with a powerful developing child.
  • Adolescents are largely unprepared for this journey, which establishes the foundation for the rest of our lives.

What will I tackle?

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Peer pressure and group think, bullying, social activities, dating, and FOMO (fear of missing out) / JOMO (joy of missing out).

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We work to understand the science behind social media, and how it impacts your child and their peers, including: isolation, self-esteem, identity, and body image. We look at the conflict social media creates between online image/presence and genuine expression of the self.

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We teach your children how to communicate clearly and effectively. They will learn how to ask for what they need, how to say “NO” confidently in social settings with friends, and understand what's reasonable. They will learn how to communicate with elders (parents, teachers, peers, or coaches) and achieve results.

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I teach how to lead with love and kindness, a powerful tool to model in their social groups and with families. Leading with love helps young women in my groups build trust, motivation, and collaboration within their environment.

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We discuss their commitment to friends/peer groups and sports. Children often want results without putting in the work. Do they understand why and how to work hard? We teach them the value of chores and commitment to the family unit. Commitment and determination are powerful values for adolescents to learn early.

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Your children will learn the importance of proper nutrition to support their growth and development. They will learn how to cook, to make lunches and to become more independent in their ability to nourish themselves healthily. These skills will help them develop good decision-making now and as they grow into adults.

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Girls will learn to:

  • LEAD with love
  • Understand the POWER of their thoughts
  • Nourish and LOVE their bodies
  • Feel strong and WANT to put in the work
  • FOCUS and manage their time (putting that phone away)
  • Listen to their GUT and say NO confidently when appropriate
  • Understand their FEELINGS
  • Identify and QUIET their INNER CRITIC
  • Learn how to take INITIATIVE
  • Learn how to COOK and do chores