Everything you need
to know about me....

Hi, I'm Sylvia

I live in the San Francisco Bay Area and coaching young girls and women is my passion.

I am a Youth Coach and Registered Dietitian. In the past 20 years, I have coached at all levels- from Fortune 500 executives to startup founders and parents/youth in my community.

I grew up in a small Canadian town with Italian immigrant parents. I have three awesome kids who are the loves of my life, and constantly keep me on my toes, bringing me so much joy. My friends describe me as a badass mama, but I really just lead with love; sometimes that love can be tough. My kids have learned that with great freedom comes great responsibility - do the dishes first!

I am passionate about children, nutrition, athletics, and wellness. I played college volleyball at the University of Western Ontario in Canada, where I completed a degree in Nutrition and Human Ecology, before undertaking a postgraduate internship at the University Health Network in Toronto, the leading research hospital in the country.

For many years, I was a wellness coach for corporate executives in Toronto. It was financially rewarding, but not fulfilling. My husband and I moved to California in 2007 for lifestyle and balance in our lives. We love being outdoors year-round, running, hiking, snowboarding, or biking- just about anything physical.

I have been coaching youth sports for over a decade and have seen what a measurable impact my involvement has on their lives. My strategy focuses on mindset because understanding our thoughts and feelings helps with empowerment, awareness, and confidence in all aspects of life.

I am passionate about helping young women find their path and hope to meet your child. I want them to feel empowered to be authentic and understand the importance of living their best life with all the tools we can provide.

In Health and Gratitude!